The Book

Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practice in Nigeria

Chapter 30

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2011: Access to Information in the Age of Electronic Record

The Nigeria Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requires public institutions to proactively publish certain types of information even without any request. It further places an obligation that the identified information should be widely disseminated and made available to the public through various means, including electronic, print and online channels as well as at the organisation’s offices. There is no gainsaying that in today’s Internet age the Federal and State agencies are awash in electronic data. Not only are they constantly producing and collecting data, they in some respects are obligated to retain just about everything in electronic form. As data roams across agency networks, the volume of relevant data becomes inevitably huge, both in the Cloud and social channels. Given its nature in the discovery process, Chapters 30 addresses in a most detailed manner the Nigeria Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) with a view to its request and production in electronic format where the exigencies of litigation so dictate.