Institutional Partnership

Why the Patnership?

For the bar and the bench to fit into the emerging concept of technology and law, with specific reference to digital evidence, digital forensics investigation, eDiscovery and explore the potential knowledge inherent in digital data, they must in addition to their earlier legal training acquire skills across relevant disciplines so as to readily adapt and address the novel and complex problems that often arise

It is against this background and to achieve the understanding of the technical issues in the convergence of law and science that Digital Evidence and Cyber Forensic Institute (DECFI) Seeks Collaboration and Partnership with Universities and Training Institutions interested on Proficiency training of their members, students or in other forms of collaborative engagement in:

Course Development

Delivery Method

The courses are built on blended learning approach, which encompasses physical (in-person) classroom and online classroom. The duration of both physical and online would be agreed upon in due course. However, typical structure of the Institution Programme in law is envisaged with adjustments.

Resource Material

All courses are delivered through The use of the book titled Digital Evidence and eDiscovery Law Practice in Nigeria, supplied to all participant upon registration for their respective courses and an App.

Delivery Method incorporated in the App

  • Weekly Modular Structure:

    Every training program is divided into weekly modules, where each module consist of Notes & Videos, Tests, Assignments & Discussion Forums.

  • Notes & Videos

    Notes contain the objective of each weekly module and lesson guide. Along some of the notes are also lesson videos.

  • Assignments

    A Text Editor is provided in the Training Portal where these assignments are done and submitted.

  • Tests:

    Weekly test consist of Multiple-Choice questions, with quiz that helps participants get familiar with the Test Portal.

  • Discussion Forums:

    Here, participants discuss and share ideas relating to the module.

  • Assessments:

    The total score of each weekly module, derived from the scores on the quiz, Assignments and participation in Discussions, are collated to compute the total score of the participant for the weekly module.

Expression of Interest & Further Discussion

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The partnership is usually secured by MOU between DECFI and the concerned Institution