The Book

Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practice in Nigeria

Chapter 11

Electronic Banking and Evidentiary Challenges

There is no gainsaying that the Internet has played a key role in changing the business landscape in the world of today. This development saw the emergence of electronic commerce allowing businesses to more effectively interact with their customers. One industry with the complexities of the 21st century that is using this new communication channel to reach its customers in real time is the banking industry. Since banks introduced information technology to provide services to customers, the most significant problem faced by banks is where a third party intervenes by undermining the technology between the bank and the customer for the purposes of theft. When determining if either the customer or the bank is negligent, it is necessary to consider whether the customer or bank acted negligently or omitted to do something they should have done, and if so, whether the loss sustained was the natural result of the negligence of the customer or the bank, or their failure to act. Chapter 11 provides all resources necessary to explain this relationship between the bank and its customers in the digital age.