Registration and payment

  • Students must register online through the De-cfi website.
  • The course fees can be paid by credit card, or direct deposit.
  • De-cfi reserves the right to remove students from the course if they have not made their payments by the dates specified.
  • Students are required to apply all promo codes and discounts to their registration before making their payment. Should a student make payment without utilising this promo code or discount, it will fall away and the student will not be entitled to a refund once their payment has been received by De-cfi. Promo codes are valid for a limited period of time and can only be applied to registrations received during the promo code start and end date.
  • Students will be notified by SMS and email when payments are due to De-cfi.


  • Registrations cancelled in writing before the closing date of registrations will qualify for a refund of the payment made, but will be liable for a 10% cancellation fee (incl. VAT) if applicable.
  • Registrations may not be cancelled after the closing date of registrations and students will be liable for the full course fee.
  • De-cfi reserves the right to cancel the course if there is insufficient demand. In this case, students will receive a full refund

Deferred registration

  • A student may request in writing that their participation be deferred to the next scheduled presentation of the course. This request may be made before module 3 is made available to the students in the third week of the course.
  • Students who want to defer will need to pay a rollover fee of 50% (incl. VAT) of the course fee if applicable.
  • Please note that no credits will be awarded for assignments completed up until the time of deferral.
  • De-cfi does not guarantee that future presentations will be held. Any student who chooses to delay their participation in the course does so at their own risk.

Course participation

  • The course is presented in English and all courseware that is required for assessment purposes should be written by students in English. This includes posts made on the discussion forum.
  • De-cfi is not responsible for technical support for any external websites. Courses that require students to use external websites do so to achieve the best learning outcomes for the students. Students are required to contact the support services of the relevant external websites themselves.
  • For most De-cfi courses, interactive videos are provided in each module. These videos act as tutorials for the topics covered in that module and are not compulsory. Students will need Adobe Flash Player installed to view the video lectures available in each module. Please note that if students are using a slower internet connection, attempting to view these videos may be troublesome. Students will not be penalised if they cannot watch the videos.
  • Students will only have access to the Course Instructor on the discussion forums. Course Instructors will not be available for queries by telephone or email.
  • Your Course Coordinator will guide you through the course. He or she will send you SMS and email notifications every week to encourage you to stay on track with your learning, and also to provide important course reminders and information.
  • The De-cfi Learning website is not fully compatible with mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. In order to access and participate effectively on the Learning website, students must have access to a computer.

Course assessment

The following assessment criteria apply to the majority of DECFI short courses.

  • A certificate of completion is awarded to students who achieve a mark of 50% or higher.
  • Every module includes an assignment that counts a percentage towards the final course mark. The Course Instructor is required to mark students assignments and an allocated time period is given within which this marking needs to be completed. During this time, students will be required to submit further assignments. Any queries related to a student’s previous assignment that will affect the submission of the student’s next assignment should be asked on the module discussion forum.
  • 5% of the final course mark is allocated to student activity in the discussion forums. Each module has its own discussion forum and you are expected to participate in as many of these forums as possible. The mark students receive will be dependent on how many posts they have made as well as how many other posts they have read through.
  • Certificates are couriered to students who provide a street address that is located within a main area in Nigeria. All certificates sent to a postal address within a Nigerian regional or township area are sent by registered mail through the EMS (Postal Service).