eDiscovery and the Legal Process

Electronic discovery is one of the primary ways of uncovering the facts in a dispute. In years past, parties exchanged paper documents—often hundreds and hundreds of boxes of them. Over time, paper documents have been largely replaced with computer generated content, and the process of discovery was forever fundamentally changed. ESI can now be email, social media, cell phone data, digital audio or video recordings, global databases, apps, global positioning data, data stored in a household appliance, onboard computers in a car, or any of the thousands of digital records produced by an average person on an average day.

Today, competence in discovery is a must-have. Being able to understand and handle electronic discovery is essential to serving the interests of your clients be it in litigation or otherwise, fulfilling your ethical duties and saving time and money.

In this Advanced Proficiency Course in eDiscovery and the Legal Process, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of data preservation, legal holds, and data governance
  • Foundational procedural rules and case law
  • How to conduct an early case assessment, manage document review, and
  • Hands-on on eDiscovery software and how it works

    eDiscovery software, also known as document review software allows legal professionals to process, review, tag, and produce electronic documents as part of a lawsuit or investigation. The right software can help attorneys discover valuable information regarding a matter while reducing costs, speeding up resolutions, and mitigating risks.

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Course Curriculum
Over the duration of this course, you will walk through the following modules:
Module 01
eDiscovery: An Overview
Module 02
The Development of eDiscovery Guidelines, Reference Models/Legal Framework
Module 03
An Overview of eDiscovery Development and Application in Different Jurisdictions and Nigeria
Module 04
Litigation-Readiness Plan
Module 05
The Preservation of Evidence and Litigation Hold
Module 06
Pre-Trial Conference and Early Exchange of Computer System Information Pursuant to eDiscovery
Module 07
Production of Electronically Stored Document
Module 08
Accessibility and Inaccessibility Issues in the Production of Electronically Stored Information
Module 09
The Principle of Proportionality in Producing Electronically Stored Information in eDiscovery
Module 10
Spoliation and Sanctions
Module 11
eDiscovery and Legal Technology
Module 12
eDiscovery Project Management
Module 13
Hands-on on eDiscovery Software