Group Training

In order to develop the cutting-edge digital skills needed to become proficient in Digital Evidence, eDiscovery, Data Security & Digital Forensic Investigation/ Prosecution & & Law Office Automation relevant to the 21st century law practice, the Group Training is designed to target groups

Group Training may be organized for specified groups, such as:

Professional Career Development for the Digital Growth & Transformation of Lawyers
within The Continental Bar Associations and Societies, with particular reference to Young Lawyers and Graduating Law School Students in Africa, Asia & Europe
Compliance Certification Program for Law Firms
in Africa, Asia and Europe equipping them with everything they need to digitize all aspects of their legal practice to become technology compliant in the implementation of digital tools in law practice and litigation.
Digital Fluency & Proficiency Certification Program for Judges, and Magistrates
on Digital Evidence, Forensics, and eDiscovery in the Judicial Process
Certification Program, in Digital Forensic Investigation and Prosecution
for law enforcement agencies in Africa, Asia and Europe.