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Digital Evidence & Cyber Forensic Institute (DECFI), a centre for research, knowledge and innovation, is the first Institute in Nigeria with global standards, approved by the Federal Government to chart the pathway for the Digital Transformation of Nigerian lawyers, Judges, Magistrates, Prosecutors, In-House Corporate Counsel, Law Students in Universities & Law Schools within the Commonwealth African countries, bothering on the 21st Century Evidence in the Digital Domain, eDiscovery and Cybercrime/Digital Forensics.

DECFI is poised to deliver the necessary skills to these entities in the development and acquisition of the technical knowledge in meeting the demand of the critical domain of emerging eDiscovery and digital evidence.

The outcome of this endeavour through thorough grounding in methods and techniques in this multi-faceted and interdisciplinary field spanning the commercial, industrial, law enforcement, and defense arenas ushers in the necessary skills and the acquisition of the technical knowledge by these entities in meeting the demand of the critical domain of emerging eDiscovery and Digital Evidence in our courts.

Our Goal

To bring together legal communities within the African Bar, the Judiciary, University Law Faculties, Law Schools, Corporate Legal Counsel and other leading industry participants, practitioners, and faculty members from a variety of disciplines to research digital evidence, eDiscovery, cyber forensic and digital security topics that are of interest to governmental, commercial and legal communities with a view to:

Delivering innovative, avant-garde, pioneering research expertise in Digital Evidence, eDiscovery, Digital Forensic Investigation/Prosecution & Data Security that are of relevance to the 21st century law practice and real-world problems

Partnering with governmental, commercial, and legal communities to improve workforce education through world-class training programs

Providing state-of-the-art research facilities, equipment, and training that empowers faculty to pursue substantial research funding

Delivering to governmental, commercial, and legal communities a collaborative operational and investigative ecosystem for identifying and resolving cyber forensics and security challenges

Maintaining the ethical and professional standards of the profession of digital forensic science