Open Source Intelligence & Dark Web Investigation Analytics

Certification Course for Law Firms

Course Overview

Course Description

The rise in the widespread use of technology paves way to rise in cybercrime incidents. For hackers and online fraudsters, the possibilities of leveraging internet sources to harvest publicly available information have increased exponentially, along with potential rewards like successful social engineering bounties.

One of the ways law enforcement can bring criminals to justice is by leveraging the same power of publicly available information – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). However, open source intelligence (OSINT) requires more than just the ability to use the Internet. Special databases and off-line sources are among the many rich veins of intelligence which go unknown and untapped by law enforcement, legal professionals, business researchers, security personnel, intelligence analysts, and terrorism, gang and financial researchers.

More importantly, the “Dark Web Investigation & Analysis” module of our OSINT training teaches investigative professionals such as private investigators, and law enforcement the knowledge to set up, access and investigate criminal activities that take place within the DARKNet infrastructure.

This extremely educational and completely interactive training content will enhance the knowledge of investigation focused professional.

Course Features

What you'll learn

  • Know how to utilize OSINT methods and tools in their investigative practice.

  • Learn to direct searches to obtain results quickly for due diligence.

  • ...Learn the process for the validation of digital artifacts & online materials.

  • Track & identify the identity behind anonymous social media profiles.

  • Learn to utilize social networks and media as an investigative tool.

  • Know how to conduct vulnerability assessments using open sources.

  • Know how to prepare an OSINT terminal or workstation for conducting covert investigative tasks.

  • Know how to prepare an OSINT terminal or workstation for conducting covert investigative tasks.

  • Know how to prepare an OSINT terminal or workstation for conducting covert investigative tasks.

  • Know how to formulate effective search techniques for the surface web.

  • Know how to investigate and analyze the Dark Web for investigative leads and crime prevention.

  • Be able to utilize geolocation tools and techniques for validating online / digital information.

  • Be able to prove or disprove online information in fighting mis & disinformation or fake news.

  • Be able to act as expert witnesses and report results of intelligence researches & investigations.

Course Curriculum

The World of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Verification of Online & Digital Content – Images, Videos etc.

Social Media Monitoring As Investigative Tool

Geolocation – Tools and Techniques for Verification

Enforcing Your Privacy & Security As OSINT Professional

OSINT as Framework for Due Diligence and Compliance Tasks

Network Analysis – Tracking Across the Online Landscape


Course Convener/Instructor

Emeka Arinze Esq.

LLM, M.I.T (info-tech), CBSP (Certified Biometric & Surveillance Professional, CDEA (Certified Digital Evidence Analyst), CCI (Certified Cybercrime Investigator), CFP (Certified Forensic Professional).

Dr. Dominic Ehiwe


Dr. Godwin Nyong

Ph.D. Artificial Intelligence. BSc, Harvard-MDP, MBA, MSc, BTech, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Security+, CISSP, MCSE: Security, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Information Systems Professional of Canada (ISP), ITIL, CoBiT, TOGAF

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