Specialized Certification Courses

for Legal Practitioners, Law Enforcement Agents, Banks & Financial Institutions, Para-Legal.

Election Petition & Forensic Evidence

Election Petitions, where in most cases; the applicant lost the election and he alleges that his opponent ‘stole’ the election through voter fraud, voter suppression or super-imposing election figures. Basically, election rigging no matter the method is criminal. That being the case, when the applicant claims that such criminal activities were involved, which swung the election in favor of his opponent, the rule mandates the applicant to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt and not on the balance of probabilities. What is also self-evident is the judicial panel will need more than a little steering in matters of forensic technology, fingerprint of ballot papers and database analytics, amongst others.

Cyber Security & Information Assurance

Cyber security and information management is the practice of defending computer systems, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. It’s also known as information technology security or electronic information security. In today’s data dynamics and security audit, artificial intelligence (AI) is now deployed in cyber security to quickly analyze millions of events and identify many different types of threats – from malware exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities to identifying risky behavior that might lead to a phishing attack or download of malicious code. It is a welcome development in Cyber security training.

Social Media and Online Reputation Management

Social media forensics involves the collection, analysis, and storage of information, photos, videos, and other electronic evidence that are publicly available from social media sources for purposes of locating criminals and proof of its evidence. When combined with online reputation management, it provokes various techniques and strategies that help push damaging, false and harmful content further down the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Whether you own a business or simply want to maintain personal reputation, online reputation management provides strategies for shaping what appears in search results.

Open Source Intelligence & Dark Web Investigation Analytics

The rise in the widespread use of technology paves the way to the rise in cybercrime incidents. For hackers and online fraudsters, the possibilities of leveraging internet sources to harvest publicly… available information have increased exponentially, along with potential rewards like successful social engineering bounties.

Cybercrime/Digital Forensic Investigation & Prosecution

At the heart of every crime scene, where and when gathering evidence is at issue, there exist two basic questions the investigator must address: how would the investigator find and acquire the evidence and how would he properly document them, when found? While physical evidence is tangible, visible, categorised and simple to collect, digital evidence poses some unique challenges.