Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practice

Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practice in Nigeria

Weekly training modules are based on the textbook: DIGITAL EVIDENCE & eDISCOVERY LAW PRACTICE IN NIGERIA by the Convener of the course Emeka Arinze Esq, LLM, M.I.T (info-tech), CBSP (Certified Biometric & Surveillance Professional, CDEA (Certified Digital Evidence Analyst), CCI (Certified Cybercrime Investigator), CFP (Certified Forensic Professional).

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5 hours to complete
Application of Digital Forensic Investigative Technique: A Case of Money Laundry in Nigeria. See Chapter 37 of the book for further reading

In Chapter 36, we illustrated different investigative process models that evolved over time; guidelines and best practices as espoused by different institutions and relevant bodies with a view to setting global standards generally acceptable in digital forensic investigation and evidence gathering. These techniques, guidelines and best practices may not be properly appreciated if we do not situate their application to a given circumstance. Because one of the challenges in money laundry and asset recovery investigation in Nigeria is producing the evidence that links the assets (often referred to as property-based confiscation) to the criminal activities or proving that the assets are benefits derived from an offence committed by the target (often referred to as value-based confiscation), the need to demonstrate the applicable forensic techniques to money laundry in Nigeria with a view to assisting investigative agencies in identifying and tracing assets up to the point where the link with the offence or location of the assets can be determined, becomes expedient.

The Focus of this Module

Investigating money laundry offences and/or financial crime in the digital age, come with certain complexities and techniques that are specific to each case. This weekly module focuses on those complexities and techniques that are specific to each case.

Gains and Benefit

On completion of the lecture as espoused in the video, reading activity, quiz and assessment, you will be able to understand:

  • the general concept of money laundry and its techniques;
  • the criminalisation of money laundry: FATF and Nigeria;
  • digital forensic investigation in money laundry;
  • money laundering and asset recovery and
  • typical case scenario on money laundry, applying digital forensic investigative techniques.
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Application of Digital Forensic Investigative Technique
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