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Mentorship for Early Bar
The Bar of Today and the Future

With the amount of electronic data that traverse the digital eco-system, no 21st century trial lawyer is likely to succeed without knowledge of digital evidence and eDiscovery issues and their applicable methodology. A competent litigator must understand such electronic concepts of evidence in the digital domain and electronic discovery processes pertaining to document requests, production and analysis. He must also competently discuss technology-assisted review or predictive coding and defend the methods that their eDiscovery providers use. Above all, every lawyer needs basic knowledge of how the Internet works; how computer systems, tools and storage functionality are preserved; how digital forensic investigations are conducted; understanding forensic expert evidence and a host of other electronic dynamics relevant to 21st century litigation.

Because of these challenges and the limited access to the traditional mentors and mentoring opportunities the profession once had, new lawyers need a new model for law practice training opportunities in mentoring.

It is against this background and as our corporate social responsibility that we take a decentralized approach to mentoring and work with institutions and bar associations to provide mentoring opportunities for young lawyers within the African region as seen in the map. Our mentoring programmes tend to have four key elements: improving performance, career development, counseling and knowledge sharing.

“Expert computer systems represent the future of legal practice. The attorney, who best understands the benefits and limitations of such systems, while remaining undaunted by nagging fears of computers, will have a significant advantage in completing a wide variety of professional tasks”. To be relevant in that order, lawyers should be knowledgeable across disciplines with the ability to examine critically, synthesise and evaluate knowledge across a broad range of disciplines.”
Why You Should Participate in The Mentorship Program

The world has changed. The biggest cultural changes in the last twenty years have been in technology and information. The legal profession is no exception. Despite these changes the law school and the Universities still do not teach law students and lawyers how to find the evidence in the digital domain. Today’s workplace demands skills that the traditional law school curriculum does not cover, such as E-Discovery and Evidence in the digital domain

  • Today’s Law Firms are recruiting attorneys who are comfortable with technology as they are few and far between. To succeed in law today, young attorneys should be prepared for the needed liaison and management required by Technology disruption in law, E-Discovery, specifically, working with litigation technology professionals.
  • This training is intended to bring the early bar up to speed on the sweeping changes in law and technology. The Mentorship training delves into these questions and provides a starting point for further consideration of legal education, developing digital curriculum and leveraging technology to increase access to law in the developing world.
  • It provides up-to-date practical information that would impact on the lawyers' efficiency to effectively represent clients in a world meshed in digital technology, eDiscovery processes and the basic understanding of forensic expert evidence.
  • Participants who acquire this new skillset will be better positioned to help law firms compete through the appropriate use of law practice technology and other innovative practices.
  • Educating participants about the modern legal demand in eDiscovery, Evidence in the digital domain, technology driven law practice and automation give participants an advantage when seeking employment outside of traditional legal jobs, such as in the increasingly large and prosperous industry that provides law-related services.
The Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You are a member of the Bar or the Law Society in the relevant country
  • You are not more than five (5) post call
  • You are currently engaged as a Barrister and or Solicitor
  • You have not previously participated as a mentee in this program
  • You commit to meeting with your mentor at least once per month for the 4-month program on a designated online platform
  • You complete and submit an online application form with payment.

Mentoring Partnership

DECFI partnered with AttorneysBrief – Law Practice Management Software (the brand of Lawdata Communication Solutions Ltd) who also act as co-sponsor for this mentorship program.

What are the Benefits?


The entire cost for this program is the sum of One Hundred and Seventy-Five thousand naira (N175,000).

This sum of One Hundred and Seventy-Five thousand naira (N175,000) has been fully subsidised by DECFI and AttorneysBrief. To that extend therefore, the training is free but all participants are expected to pay a token sum of Seventy-five Thousand naira (N75,000) for resource material - the Book on Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practice in Nigeria.

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