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We bring together legal communities within the African Bar, the Judiciary, University Law Faculties, Law Schools, In-House Corporate Counsel and other leading industry participants with a view to
developing the cutting-edge digital skills needed to become proficient in Digital Evidence, eDiscovery, Data Security & Digital Forensic Investigation/ Prosecution relevant to the 21st century law practice
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A sine qua non for lawyers, the Judiciary and law enforcement agencies in the twenty first law practice and litigation.
Our Courses
Our Courses are classified into two main categories:
Certificate of Proficiency in:

Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practice - foundational course

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Advanced Certificate of Proficiency in:
  • eDiscovery and the Judicial Process
  • Cybercrime/Digital Forensic Investigation & Prosecution
  • Social Media Evidence and Forensics
  • Data integrity & the Judicial Process
  • Legal Analytics & Innovation
  • Forensic Expert Witness
  • Policing in the 21st Digital Architecture
  • Election Petition & Forensic Evidence
  • Cryptography and Blockchain: The Backbone of Digital Evidence Authentication

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Proficiency Certificate

Due to an increased use in computers and digital devices, an estimated 95% of legal documents are kept entirely in digital form. Over the past decade, a body of case law has emerged to regulate evidence obtained through electronic devices or the practice of exchanging electronically stored information, during litigation. The DECFI Certificates and Advanced Certificate of Proficiency are designed to enhance the skills of the bar and the bench in the field of Evidence in the Digital Domain and digital forensics.

These proficiency certificates build upon the Digital Evidence Domain and Digital Forensics. Digital forensics provides insight on the early stages of the eDiscovery lifecycle, while the Digital Evidence Program provides instruction on the entire life cycle of evidence in the digital domain.

Training Overview
Courses are offered in the form of weekend workshops, online courses, webinars, or a combination.
You choose the format that works best for your schedule.
The Online Training Portal is characterized by its easy-learning approach, ensuring maximum learning experience by all participants.
Weekly Modular Structure

Every training program is divided into weekly modules, where each module consist of Notes & Videos, Tests, Assignments & Discussion Forums.

Notes & Videos

Notes contain the objective of each weekly module and lesson guide. Along some of the notes are also lesson videos.


Assignment is one way of evaluating a participant on each weekly module. Assignments are expected to be completed on or before the closure of the module. A Text Editor is provided in the Training Portal where these assignments are done and submitted.


Weekly test is another assessment method of the training. Test consist of Multiple-Choice questions, Fill-The-Gap and True or False questions. The Test can only be attempted ONCE, hence there is the Practise Test that helps participants get familiar with the Test Portal.

Discussion Forums

The Discussion Forum is the platform where training participants discuss and share ideas relating to the module. Every module has its discussion forum that are related to the module lessons.


The total score of each weekly module is derived from the scores on the Tests, Assignments and participation in Discussions. These scores are collated and used to compute the total score of the participant for the weekly module.

Resource Material
The Book: Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practice in Nigeria

What can lawyers, prosecutors, law enforecment agencies and judges do to take advantage of the potential knowledge inherent in digital data to streamline the pre-trial and trial processes? What guidance can judges give to the bar in formulating rules and protocols for the exchange and handling of electronic evidence? What gaps exist in the current legal education curriculum and what changes need to be made so that law students are fully equipped to succeed in an ever-evolving digital work environment?

This book, written by Emeka Arinze Esq (a certified digital forensic attorney) delves into these questions and provides a starting point for further consideration of legal education, developing digital curriculum and leveraging technology to increase access to law practice in the 21st century within the african continent.

To deal with the structure of this training, the book is structured into 5 major parts to wit:

  • Digital Evidence
  • eDiscovery Law Practice
  • Digital Forensic Investigation, Prosecution and Defence
  • Forensic Expert Witness
  • Data Security
An Insight into the Content of the Book
  • The Book Foreward, written by Hon. Mr. Justice Walter S. N. Onnoghen, GCON, the Honourable Chief Justice of Nigeria, November, 2018. "There is no-gainsaying that technology has ushered in a paradigm shift in the way we think and about how legal meanings are disseminated and construed..." Learn More

  • The book is automated with Indexing services as a solution to providing current and reliable information to users. The electronic index encompasses not only an index at the back of a book, but also Table of Cases, Statutes and syllabi. Acquisition of the book gives the user (in compliance with terms of use) access to the ePlatform by implementing the use of the access code located at the inside front cover of the book along with a valid email address of the user.

    A replica of this is seen at the inside front cover of the brochure.

Emboldened by the quality of scholarship demonstrated, and the convergence of law and forensic technology brought into focus by the author, I commend this book as a critical resource to the bar and the bench respectively, as they confront eDiscovery and evidentiary issues posed by electronically stored data in the course of proceedings in our courts.
Hon. Mr. Justice Walter S. N. Onnoghen, GCON, Honourable Chief Justice of Nigeria, November, 2018

  • Emeka Arinze Esq., is the first Nigerian lawyer to be dual qualified in Law and Forensic Technology. Called to Nigerian bar in 1983, he holds a Masters’ degree (LL.M) in law of the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a Masters’ degree in Information Technology (with emphasis on forensic technology) of the University of Lagos, Nigeria...Emeka Arinze, after a successful completion of training on specific areas of Digital Forensics conducted by Asian School of Cyber Law, Mumbai, India and after successfully completing the examination administered by Asian School of Cyber Law and Data Techno Solutions Pvt, India and having obtained an aggregate score of 73% was duly certified in April 2013 as follows... Learn More
Group Training
Group Training may be organized for specified group as listed

Judges, Magistrates, State Counsel, In-House Corporate Counsel, Legal Practitioners in Private Practice though their various bar branches or law societies, Students in Law Schools and Undergraduate Law Students in the Universities.

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Institutional Parnership
Digital Evidence and Cyber Forensic Institute (DECFI) Seeks Collaboration and Partnership with

Universities and Training Institutions in Africa interested on Proficiency training in Forensic Technology, Digital Forensic Investigation/Prosecution, Evidence in the Digital Domain and Electronic Discovery in imerging legal community.

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Our Training Platform

We partner with GoDigital.ng, a brand of LawData Communication Solutions Ltd. to design and deliver premium online proficiency courses with a data-driven focus on learning gain for Nigerian lawyers, Judges, Magistrates, Prosecutors, Legal Departments of Corporations and Law Students in Universities & Law School.

Our tool for this training is the book – Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practise in Nigeria, (an Electronic Evidentiary Tool for 21st Century Law Practice for Admissibility of Digital Evidence & Management of eDiscovery Law Practice for the Bar and the Bench in Nigeria), written by the foremost and the first Nigerian lawyer to be dual-qualified in law and forensic technology – Emeka Arinze Esq.

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Our Partners

We partner with GoDigital.ng, a brand of LawData Communication Solutions Ltd. to design and deliver premium online proficiency courses with a data-driven focus on learning gain for Nigerian lawyers, Judges, Magistrates, Prosecutors, Legal Departments of Corporations and Law Students in Universities & Law School.

Mentorship Program
Africa Millennial Lawyers - The Digital Natives

Mentorship for Early Bar

With the amount of electronic data that traverse the digital eco-system, no 21st century trial lawyer is likely to succeed without knowledge of digital evidence and eDiscovery issues and their applicable methodology. A competent litigator must understand such electronic concepts of evidence in the digital domain and electronic discovery processes pertaining to document requests, production and analysis. He must also competently discuss technology-assisted review or predictive coding and defend the methods that their eDiscovery providers use. Above all, every lawyer needs basic knowledge of how the Internet works; how computer systems, tools and storage functionality are preserved; how digital forensic investigations are conducted; understanding forensic expert evidence and a host of other electronic dynamics relevant to 21st century litigation.

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Alumni Community

After finishing a course at DECFI, former students are welcomed into the alumni community. The Institute recognizes alumni as its greatest ambassadors and takes special pride in the vital role they play in implementing and spreading the knowledge they acquired during their studies.

We value our alumni and aim to provide them with valuable resources after graduation. DECFI considers as alumni all professionals who have finished a programme given by the Institute. Alumni are grouped into two categories:

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DECFI Alumni Summit

Bringing 10 years of alumni together on our largest (virtual) expedition yet!

It is the annual gathering where alumni come together to engage and spend time networking, participating in educational and empowerment workshops, engaging with powerful speakers and providing high-impact community service.

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