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Certificate of Proficiency in Cybercrime Investigation

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48 weeks


6 - 8 hours per week, entirely online




In a cyber-clime, where the intelligent criminal community is quick to exploit science and harness digital technology to expand the reach and increase the impact of their crime, the investigator can no longer rely on age old art of interrogation and investigative technique. In response to the much needed technique to battle the wave of cyber crime, investigators now find solace in digital forensic tools.

To understand digital forensic investigative process, we need to appreciate the fundamental concepts of forensics and its historical emergence.

Training Overview
  • 12-week part-time course presented online throughout Nigeria
  • As society’s dependence on computers and the Internet continues to grow and the global population becomes more and more “connected,” the triggers for prevalence of cybercrime become inevitable.
  • It is postulated by relevant Bureau of Labour Statistics world over that demand for computer security and investigation specialists will grow as businesses and government continue to invest heavily in cyber infrastructure and security, protecting vital computer networks and electronic infrastructures from attack.
  • The work of cybercrime investigators often aids in criminal investigations, supports lawsuits, and prevents future attacks.
  • This program is designed to fill a critical and growing need for cyber-crime investigators in the public and private sector in Nigeria.
  • Students completing this curriculum will be capable of investigating computer crimes, properly seizing and recovering computer evidence, and aiding in the prosecution of cyber criminals.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion, approved by DE-CFI
Syllabus - What you will learn from this course
Who Should Take this course?

Lawyers in private practice, Law Officers in Legal Department of Corporations, Law Firms, Government Establishments, Law Enforcement & Prosecuting Agencies, The Police, Law Officers in the Ministry of Justice & Law students