About Us

DE-CFI is the first Institute in Nigeria with global standards, approved by the Federal Government to chart the partway for Nigerian lawyers, Judges, Magistrates, Prosecutors, Legal Departments of Corporations and Law Students in Universities & Law School in Forensic Technology, Digital Evidence, Electronic Discovery otherwise known as eDiscovery & Information Security education in Nigeria. A centre for research, knowledge and innovation, DECFI is poised to deliver the necessary skills to these entities in the development and acquisition of the technical knowledge in meeting the demand of the critical domain of emerging eDiscovery and digital evidence.

The outcome of this endeavor ushers in the technical understanding of the admissibility of statements contained in a document and produced by computer as provided in Section 84 of the Nigeria Evidence Act, 2011 & the development of skills required for eDiscovery of documents in legal proceedings in Nigerian courts.

Emeka Arinze Esq

LLM, M.I.T (info-tech), CBSP (Certified Biometric & Surveillance Professional, CDEA (Certified Digital Evidence Analyst), CCI (Certified Cybercrime Investigator), CFP (Certified Forensic Professional).

Our Director/Course Convener

Emeka Arinze Esq., is one of the first Nigerian lawyers (if not the first) to be dual qualified in Law and Forensic Technology. Called to Nigerian bar in 1983, he holds a Master’s Degree (LL.M) in law of the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology (with emphasis on forensic technology) of the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

In 2008, Emeka Arinze attended an international training in Digital Evidence in London. The training was accredited by the Law Society of England and the Bar standards. It was organised by MIS Training Institute, London in partnership with and under the guidance of Stephen Mason, Barrister and Visiting Research Fellow, Digital Evidence Research, British Institute of International & Comparative law.

The area of coverage in the training includes, eDiscovery, electronic evidence integrity, trustworthiness, reliability and admissibility procedure, electronic signature, search & seizure of digital evidence in civil and criminal procedure, tendering & production of digital evidence, Biometric issues and evidence handling, video footage analyses, digital evidence practice in other jurisdictions etc.. He was awarded a Certificate in Digital Evidence upon successful completion of the program.

In furtherance of the understanding of the dynamics of the Internet Technology and its convergence with the law, in 2010, Emeka was admitted for a course on Internet & the Law at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Upon a successful completion of the course, he was awarded a certificate by the University of Cape Town, South Africa on Internet and the Law.

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